Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Festival Ballet Providence

“Unmatched, Unbelievable, Unforgettable”- Festival Ballet Providence, Rhode Island’s premiere professional ballet company, thrills audiences with a wide ranging repertoire of classical, neo-classical, and contemporary dance. As one of the nation’s top regional ballet companies, Festival Ballet Providence enriches and inspires the lives of its audiences with world class dance.

As a professional arts organization, the company enhances Rhode Island’s local culture by serving as a destination for those wishing to perform professionally while maintaining a vital role in contributing to the state’s economy and quality of life. Festival Ballet Providence’s educational outreach programming introduces young children to the beauty of dance with a series of ballets specifically for children.

Additionally, the School elevates the minds and spirits of children and adults seeking the finest dance education. There are programs for those who aspire to become professional dancers, as well as those who simply love to move and express themselves through dance.

With the generous support of corporate, foundation, government and individual donors, Festival Ballet Providence remains passionate in fulfilling its mission, “To thrill and move our audience, dancers, choreographers, students, supporters and staff, with art and discipline. We dance to enrich and inspire lives.”

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